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This will be a long one so bare with me. There are just so many great battles. The fluidity of the animation paired with sound effects that are pleasing to the ears and go along with the characters movements. There is no comparison to its competitors like dragonball where all you see is repetitive kicks and punches coupled with the incessant shouting and repeating of fighting noises. They are just unlike any other and leave the viewe

The first time we get to see them fight as teens - before either of them gets any god powers. Very cool fight for that reason. Might Guy vs. Funny, touching and one of the only fights our boy Might Guy gets. This is the shit, and you know that, smug internet person. You see those Shinobi?

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Fuckin decimated by the god mode Madara Uchiha. I love this so much. This fight was simply amazing. The fight between the two of them is what the entire serie The fight between the two of them is what the entire series has been leading up to, and what the two characters arcs have been all about.

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Naruto vs Sasuke. Indra vs Asura. Philosophy vs Philosophy. Sasuke knows Naruto just wants to use his shadow clones, and he keeps stopping him from doing so.

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Sasuke is using his signature Mangekyou technique: Amaterasu. Naruto, knowing this, quickly thinks of a way to counter that. Naruto knowing Sasuke so well that he knows exactly when his Sharingan will time out, and immediately seizes the moment to counter with a wicked uppercut.

But goddamn. Whats the only thing that can rival Naruto and Sasuke beating each others asses? This just proves that with Naruto and Sasuke standing together, literally nothing can stop them, and they had low chakra at that point too. The best part was Obito rejecting the ideals of his younger self and trying to kill the man who he was once willing to protect. We all know this was coming. We see two students of the same master battle each other.

The symbolism is perfect. Naruto fights Tendo Pain at the end, which results in the big brawl we see. Tendo Pain is the one we usually think of when we think of the character Pain, not Nagato. The only bad thing is that the animation looked funny at bits, but overall it was still fantastic. Also the fact that Naruto learned to rely on himself and not the Kyuubi in the end and managed to beat Tendo Pain using his signature Rasengan was just epic.

This was one of the more strategic fights of the series and I loved it. Shikamaru avenging his mentor in such a satisfying way nearly brought tears to my eyes, and Kakashi using both strategy and power to defeat Kakazu was just terrific. Besides from that, everything was perfect. Also, Zetsu commenting on everything kinda pissed me off. It proved that hard work really can beat talent. Perfect intro for a villain. Our introduction to how deadly and powerful the Eighth Gate is.

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Madara acknowledges his strength, then proceeds to heal himself like nothing happened and tries to kill Guy before he dies by himself. This is also amazing. Their fight was linking back to their childhood days, when they were doing Shinobi Hand to Hand Combat, a tradition in the Naruto world.

Making the battle all the more badass, and interesting, and just so awesome. With the viewers being able to feel the emotion of the fight with the great music in the background. With both of them fighting for their own beliefs and putting emotions aside, and fighting with pure taijutsu. One of the most unique fights.

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Both were once best friends and putting everything behind them and fighting to legit kill each Both were once best friends and putting everything behind them and fighting to legit kill each other.

With the fight pure Taijutsu, Obito was really in control the whole fight, with creative counters, and smart fighting IQ. The continuous flashbacks in the fight going back to their childhood was all the more badass.

In a very captivating fight, with everything aside, true emotions, memories, it really was the definition of badass. Deidara vs. Gaara - An amazing fight that made both Deidara and Gaara look tremendous. The young Kazekage was defeated but he managed to protect his village even in defeat, which is the most important thing to do for a Kage.

Also, Deidara established himself as an extremely powerful and dangerous shinobi, showing that the Akatsuki are absolutely incredible. Kabuto Yakushi vs. Sasuke Uchiha and Itachi Uchiha. Itachi was a man with a mission: to end the Impure World Reincarnation. With Sasuke tagging along, he had to fight Kabuto without using lethal force and With Sasuke tagging along, he had to fight Kabuto without using lethal force and to protect his brother at the same time.

Kabuto revealing that he is a Sage Mode user only made the situation even more difficult. However, Itachi did something that possibly no other shinobi would have done: he spared Kabuto, giving him a chance to redeem himself.

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And this decision payed off, as Kabuto later saved Sasuke's life. Naruto Uzumaki vs. All heroes show up late.

Bad ass naruto

This fight was short but the Wind Release: Rasenshuriken debuted and man, what a sight to see! Gengetsu Hozuki vs. Gaara, Onoki and the Fourth Division. Gaara is young, charismatic and fiercely loyal to his friends, but during the Fourth Shinobi World War, many were concerned about his capacities as a leader.

He needed to prove to them that he is really The One and that moment came when he defeated one of the most powerful Kage in the history, Gengetsu the Second Mizukage. Not only did he seal the Mizukage but saved Onoki's life as well. Gengetsu's words to Gaara at the end of the fight only helped to put the young Kage over as a legitimate leader and a powerful warrior. Jiraiya vs. Let's be honest: Jiraiya could have escaped Amegakure if he wanted.

But he needed to find out the truth about Pain, a truth that Konohagakure had to know. So, he put one hell of a resistance without using his hands most of the fight. After he entered Sage Mode, he displayed a wide array of jutsu and managed to take down three of Pain's body.

Even after losing one arm, Jiraiya managed to capture the Animal Path and to write a coded message for the Leaf shinobi. Mighty impressive, Ero-sennin! One of the greatest arcs in the entire history of manga had its best moment here. In the meantime, Pain attacked Konohagakure and slaughtered almost everyone in the village and, after that, destroyed the village itself with a huge Shinra Tensei. The remaining villagers needed a hero and Naruto was there. He returned from Mount Myoboku stronger, faster and prepared to fight against his worst foe to date.

The fight itself was incredible and the anime made it even better. It cemented Pain's reputation as the most powerful member of the Akatsuki while making Naruto look Hokage-material. Minato Namikaze's appearance near the end of the fight was something totally unexpected, but a great addition to what I believe is one of the best fights in Naruto. Sasuke Uchiha vs. Itachi Uchiha. Years in the making, slowly building up to a violent conclusion, the brothers' saga shaped the entire Naruto universe.

The fight was absolutely amazing, having great ninjutsu, taijutsu and genjutsu sequences and unveiling the two combatants' ultimate jutsu: Kirin and Susanoo. Even though the latter became one of the most overused technique in Naruto, when Itachi used it during this battle, it was something special.

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Itachi died, succumbing to his illness and, with his death, shaped the events that followed: Sasuke's new resolve to destroy Konohagakure and even the outcome of the Fourth Shinobi World War.

This fight was one of the most important ever for this series. Madara Uchiha vs. The Five Kage and the Shinobi Alliance. What else could possibly trump Naruto vs. Pain and Itachi vs. Only a godlike shinobi with unbelievable abilities who beats the hell out of the Five Kage, who are considered the most powerful shinobi alive.

It cemented Madara as the ultimate badass and the desperation of the Allied Shinobi Forces only added tension to the already dire situation in the war! All the dimension shifting mumbo jumbo and all but it was a good fight nonetheless. Kakashi was smart about handling his opponent. The Asura wouldn't fucking stay down! Still have to say the battle was pretty decent. Even though it was packed full of action, this was easily one of the more emotional episodes. Kakashi really is one of the best written characters in the series, and I honestly believe he could have been the main character.

You almost felt how badly he didn't want to have to fight Obito, be he realized it was a necessary evil. Madara vs Night Gai Might Gai after opening 8th gate. Guy releases Eight inner Gates and battles Madara, waited almost a year to watch it animated.

The pace was slow at start but picked up in middle of the fight. FOR ME. The beginning of their friendship. The awakening of the duo. Their first deadly fight and the first battle that define who they are. One of the saddest arc of Naruto series. Yeah this fight gives me shiver, specially when choji put everything he had on the line for this battle. Showing how smart he can be, outwitting tayuya on every move he make. Fighting the 2nd level cursed tayuya with just his jutsu is quite a feat because they're just chuunin or genin this time around.

And the Last one. Imagine being broken after the fight with gaara. With a small chance of success in the operations with Tsunade.

Now, before I start to express my views regarding this topic I want to express something else. If you follow carefully, the fights of Naruto series mainly focused on the storytelling and the emotional phases during it. (Actually this is one of the. Oct 05, Who doesn't love a badass character? They're really cool that sets them apart from rest. And not forget they have crazy powers. So, today I have made a list with the most badass characters from Suzail. What is the most badass scene in Naruto? Discussion. For me it's Naruto attaining full power of Kurama and blasting a combined Bijuudama of the Jinchuriki vs Him. that was a pretty badass moment in manga and more badass on the anime especially with that OST. comments. share.

He returned to the battle field swiftly to save his friend. Even though he know that it was risky, He still stopped this guy with his taijutsu. And this scene also includes his Drunken Fist XD. This was my list of The most bad ass fights on Naruto. This battles define who they are. Thanks for reading, and hopefully watching the videos too! Granny Chiyo and Sakura Haruno vs. Two kunoichi team up to beat a heinous member of Akatsuki namely Sasori of the Red Sand.

In the chunin exam Rock Lee is matched up against Gaara. Thus the underdog of the chunin exam battles Gaara to prove his point that sheer hard work can defeat genius. Seeing that removing the training weights is not enough Lee goes on to open upto the fifth gate out of the eight inner gates and we get to see one of the most emotional and badass fights of Naruto.

Kakashi Hatake vs.

Pain Deva and Asura Paths. Pain attacked Hidden Leaf Village in order to find Naruto. With Naruto absent Pain keeps on assaulting the village trying to extract information.

Shikamaru Nara and Kakashi Hatake vs. Hidan and Kakuzu.

An alternate version of the Chunin exams, Naruto decides to train himself, giving Jiraiya an opportunity to stop Orochimaru, and leading to new found strength in Naruto. Just an overall happy, emotional story for everyone involved. Naruto is a little out of character when it comes to being self reliant ENJOY! I dont know about you but I dont like Naruto fics with Naruto being a orangewearing, ramen and Sakura obsessed idiot. These are all about a cool, calm and badass Naruto, and perhaps evil. If you would like to join or have reccomendations just pm me. Jan 13, Bad-Ass Naruto. 20 0 (1 Today) By Kamikage86 | Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze by OregonDucks. MORE LIKE THIS. Comments 0. Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Log In. DeviantArt - Homepage. About. Contact. Core Membership. Careers. Developers.

This was not a drag for Shikamaru. This was vengeance. Shikamaru displays his legendary strategic skills and gives Hidan a fitting end. In order to gather information on Akatsuki, Jiraiya infiltrates the Village Hidden in the Rain alone.

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There he encounters Pain. With the help of Ma and Pa Jiraiya takes down three Pains. Important information is delivered by Jiraiya to the Village via his toad friends which ultimatley leads Naruto to go for Sage training. If Pain had revealed all his six paths maybe Jiraiya would have done things differently. Although, the Pervy Sage displays why he is one of the three legendary Sannins. Guy Sensei vs. Kisame Hoshigaki. As a ninja Kisame is brilliant. He is even stronger in water. Guy sensei takes him head on when Kisame tries to escape with the intel.

Guy opens his seventh gate, the Gate of Shock and uses Hirudora, an incredibly fast punch and blows Kisame into oblivion. Well, the springtime of youth continues. Six Paths of Pain. Naruto destroys Asura Path with a single blow and one of the best fights ensues.

Madara Uchiha. Opening the Gate of Death, Guy enters the fight with a surety of death. Guy unleashes his second last move Sekizo, the Evening Elephant. Seeing that Sekizo is in vain Guy goes for his final move before death, Night Guy and it does this to Madara:. My favorite fight in the anime. Neji was really able to shine. Taijutsu at its peak. The manga version was great and the anime adaptation made it epic. Everything the alliance was throwing at him was just brushed off like it was nothing.

Guy literally sacrificed himself until Naruto activated his Jesus Juice and saved him. Yeah it does have some annoyingly long speeches about pain hatred and all that stuff but it's such an emotional fight between two disciples of the same teacher. There was also the part where Hinata jumped in to save Naruto, which shows that even though she knew that she can't win, she tried her best to save a loved one. Also not to mention that it's also the time Naruto met Minato.

Plus, Naruto proved his HUGE improvement after the 3 year training and the toad power training with amazing combination moves and Sage Mode. No one can deny that this No one can deny that this is definitely the most epic and amazing battle, perfected from every single ct.

It's the best fight ever Naruto meet his father 4 hokage that saved him from the nine tails. A great, emotional, fight that doesn't involve a main character such as Naruto or Sasuke. Rock Lee and Gaara are easily two of my favourite characters, Rock Lee taking off the weights was cool, the gates of opening was great, but what really made me love this fight were two things: Gaara's gradual descent into anger and ruthlessness and the end of the fight when Guy sensei runs to Lee to see if he's ok, see's him stand up unconscious trying to fight.

When Guy blames himself for Lee's state, and his will to fight even after losing consciousness, that is the only Naruto episode OG and Shippuden that has actually made me cry. I thought it was going to suck, but Lee proved me wrong. Especially when he took off the weights. This fight was unexpected and the best. When opposites meet. Itachi could have easily won from the start but he decided to spar with his brother a little before he died.

Come on!

Top 10 Most Badass Characters in Naruto

This fight is the one we have been waiting for since the original Naruto. A fight between two brothers with the younger one loathing the elder due to the tragic circumstances they have been put through. A very heart wrenching fight.

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Will make you cry. This is easily the best fight in the series. Seeing the two fight at their, at that time, full strength. Not only that but the emotion during that battle easily made it the most emotional battle in any of Naruto Naruto's speech about breaking every bone in Sasuke's body was the best in the series.

You see sides you had never seen from them before and to top it offyou get to see One-Tail and Curse Mark Stage 2 in their most epic forms. This is hands down the best battle in all of Naruto. It was the battle that lead both of them to become stronger. This is still my favourite anime fight of all time. I can only tell you one thing for sure!

That was a fight worth watching! And if it was up to me I would put this fight in the top three because that fight alone made me like sakura and respect her as a character and a skillful ninja, hey sasori admitted this himself too.

Probably the best fight I've seen so far. Honestly this fight was just really awesome and I'm happy to see it at 3. It was well excited and the Jutsu and flashbacks made you want to keep watching it. Awesome fight. Best fight ever, with a balance between emotion, strength, and tactics. Everyone was a bad ass, especially the puppet masters though in this fight we also witnessed the growth of Sakura 's character. The zombie duo vs the son of the white fang of the leaf.

We got to see Shikamaru's character development. Seeing asuma fight till death and seeing Kakashi and shikamaru the two tactical genius of konoha together was priceless. Why it is so low? Animations good, strategy, perfect attacks and combos For me the best fight.

Everything in this fight has its sence. It was not: Boom, kaboom, combo-kaboom, meteorite, Chidori, Rasengan, the end. Best fight for me.

Honestly the most amazing fight. So much emotion between the two, so different, yet so alike. At this point in the anime, seeing 12 year old annoying as heck Naruto summon a 50 foot tall frog and fight shukaku the sand spirit was amazing.

On top of that I doubt any one else in the village besides the sannin and hokage could beat gaara, I mean how are you gonna beat him without a huge summoning animal.

One of the best fights I have ever seen. Great fight. Naruto saved by Gama Oyabun, who told him they were going to do a combi henge - and the first creature Naruto pictured? A nine-tailed fox. Sasuke finish Orochimaru like he's nothing, not even his teacher. I think the next gen Legendary Sannin is Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura because they all surpass their teacher.

Naruto surpass Jiraiya and all Kages of all gen. Sasuke surpass his brother and Orochimaru and all the current kages and sakura surpass Kakashi and other teachers and stuff Awesome 4 Sasuke Orochimaru sucks hard. Thanks for so many upvotws and views it's appreciated. Taijutsu on point. Plus that one moment where Obito pulls his younger self back is too damn surreal.

Honestly I sometimes just rewatch that fight for the hell of it. The transitions are so smooth between the young and old versions, they were seamless and there was a lot of little symbolic moments in it that were perfect too.

That moment when he pulled his younger self and then the music changes into something even more fitting. Shikamaru "killing" Hidan in the manga, easily. Anyone can win a fight, but it takes an OG to send you to an eternal hole wit Anyone can win a fight, but it takes an OG to send you to an eternal hole with a cigarette flick. The lighter toss in the anime was still cool, but lost a ton of badass points.

The poor never stood a chance but that was the combat style I liked Madara using the most. When Madara fights the shinobi alliance and the last guy, he grabs him by the throat and says, "do you want to dance too?

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The whole fight was child's play for him lol that and the Obito vs. Kakashi fight. I didn't think Kakashi had an equal until that fight. You could tell, that fight went from, "I need to protect the Shinobi World," to getting personal real quick. I didn't know who was going to win and my heart was pounding. The fight between the main character and the leader of the Akatsuki. A fight against the man who killed Naruto's master. It was such an anticipated fight.

Not to mention, Naruto hadn't really done anything in Shippuden until that moment, so I was waiting to see him finally kick some ass, which he did. The page where we see Naruto wearing a sick-ass new cloak on top of three giant toads solidified just how strong he had gotten. Obito slaughtering that entire squad of ninja.

The silence and pause before that into immediate slaughter gave me chills Maybe more dark than cool, but still my favorite Naruto scene. Full of memories and nostalgia. The episode the hooked most of the viewers to the Naruto series.

According to me, the final fight after the war is the best fight till date in the whole series of naruto. The fight was non stop no chit chat in the middle of the fight unlikely like the other episode. It was full of excitement from the beginning till the end of the fight.

Naruto's Top 10 Most Epic Moments English Sub HD

Plus you will be seeing different abilities they learned from the war. You can experience the intense fight of two powerfull ninja in the naruto world. You can see the intens You can see the intense fight just like the fight between Hashirama and Madara from the past. This epic battle between sensei and his apperientice. One man army. Jaraiya was against Six Pain at the same time. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Badass Naruto Stories.

Founder: Nightwing98 - Stories: 20 - Followers: 3 - id: After being blown off by Kakashi, Naruto storms off. However this leads to a discovery of not only his heritage but of a race of creatures long forgotten. Now it's time for these titans to return. With one summoner: Naruto Uzumaki. Set during Chunin Exams. Naruto Three-shot! Rated T for violence and language. Naruto takes the revelation of his demonic 'tenant' more seriously. Looking at the seal on his belly starts Naruto on a new path in life.

Don't own Naruto and all that stuff. The Namikaze Daredevil by M. A reviews Naruto lost his eyesight at the age of four.

However, he has learn another method to see and has lost all sense of fear. Watch as he makes a name for himself and a ability to make Konoha shine once again. Pairin undecided. Smart and Strong Naruto. Lessons of Experience by BukkakeNoJutsu reviews While still an academy student, Uzumaki Naruto starts to learn the art of killing from a mysterious old man. His lessons will be paid for in blood, sweat, and tears.

Kage No Naruto by Score89 reviews At the age of seven Naruto has an unpleasant accident with the villagers, that 1 day changes the life of Naruto and the entire elemental nations. What follows is the story of the rise of a legend, one as powerful as the Gods. A beast of uncomparable power and danger. This monster is not the kyuubi.

Say hello to Jashin Bloodline Destroyer by oso reviews Naruto is taken out of the village by Itachi on the Hokage's order. When Naruto returns though, he has a power that will make the Sharingan shatter, Byakugan blind, and the Rinnegan helpless.

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