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Whenever I needed to get-off, which was often the case, I would always fantasize about my sexy mother. She was the main porn actress of my perverted fantasies. My name is Kevin. I'm 18 years old and live at home with my mom and dad. I have an older brother named Jeremy who is a junior architect for a major firm. He lives in an apartment on the other side of town.

Glancing over at my clock on the nightstand, it was around in the morning. I got out of bed and made my way to the kitchen for a glass of cool water when, suddenly, I heard a long moan coming from down the hall. I stopped and listened.

There it was again followed by an exchange of whispers. Then nothing. I thought I was hearing things and was about to go on my way when I heard someone say: "Oh fuck!

You're so tight!

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I could hear more whispers as I silently crept toward her room and peeked through the crack of her opened door. My eyes bulged as I witnessed the carnal sight before me. There, on my mother's marital bed, was my older brother Jeremy spooning my mom as he sawed his erect manhood into her maternal pussy!

She was wearing a purple satin nightie that was obscenely stretched below her protruding breasts. Jeremy's hands were all over her creamy tits as he savagely mauled them. That's it. Play with mommy's tits! Her engorged tips distended under the onslaught of his hungry paws. My heart was pounding like crazy at the illicit coupling unfolding before my eyes. They're so spongy and warm, mom. Jet after jet of her sweet tit juice soaked the sheets as my brother relentlessly manhandled her doughy orbs.

My head spun as blood drained down to my stiff cock. I could only look on as my mind raged in turmoil. Mommy loves when you do that to her! Suck out all my milk! He pursed his lips around her rosy pebble and sucked ounces upon ounces of her sweet tit milk before gulping it down. With his thirst satisfied for now, he resumed his attack on her frothy pink gash below, repeatedly pounding her moist sex as she writhed and moaned beside him. I felt my knees becoming weak. Jeremy groaned with each stroke as he grunted and labored attempting to stuff more of his hard shaft into her dripping snatch.

You're pussy feels like it's milking my cock! Their bodies were wet with sweat as Jeremy unmercifully hammered her lusty sex. Mom clutched the sheets in the balls of her fists as she pushed back to meet his thrusts. Breathlessly whimpering and whining as Jeremy desecrated her curvy body. Your stretching me raw! I have to admit, on a deep level, it made me jealous that she would choose Jeremy over me.

I-wanted to be the one parting her vulva with his rigid fuck pole. It wasn't fair!

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From the few snippets of dirty talk exchanged between them, I knew it wouldn't be long before they reached their climaxes. Jeremy began to pump his last few thrusts as he nibbled on my mom's earlobe.

On his last lunge he stiffened like a board. She soon followed as she reached behind and pulled Jeremy tighter into her inflamed sex. I'm cummming! I'm cummmmmiiiiiinnnggg! It looked like wave after wave hit her as her skin flushed a delicate red. When she finally calmed down enough and caught her breath, they snuggled their bodies together as he lazily kneaded her heavy tits.

Mom had her face hidden in her hands as her orgasm subsided. She looked like a young virgin on her honeymoon at that moment.

They remained in each other's arms, absorbing the post orgasmic bliss that washed over their bodies. Mom's face was glowing as they laid there snuggling while Jeremy nuzzled her long neck. The room was silent now except for their breathing.

Eventually, his dick sluggishly snaked out and landed with a thump on the bed. I gd as mom's well fucked pussy was left gaping with Jeremy's cum dribbling out. I can't help but want to fill you with my seed every time I look at you," he confessed passionately. He playfully slapped and grabbed her left ass cheek, lifting it for a moment to expose one of the sexiest assholes I've ever seen. Her shit hole was lined with beautiful pink ridges that were obscenely stretched by his clutching hand.

Still in the spoon position they started in, my mother turned her head to kiss Jeremy. When she did, she caught me spying outside the door. Her eyes widened in shock. A look of fear flashed across her face at the realization of being discovered.

Jeremy didn't even notice the brief exchange between us as he passionately kissed and sucked my mother's engorged lips. At this point I was covered in perspiration and shaking in my knees.

All materials, messages, and other communications contained at ASSTR are intended for distribution exclusively to consenting adults in locations where such materials, messages and other communications do not violate any community standards or any federal, state or local law or regulation of the United States or any other country. Crissy's bare ass was as beautiful as it could possibly be - and I was entirely overwhelmed with a feeling of love. And then, I let my wet tongue glide across my little sister's little anus, I couldn't help it. As soon I as my tongue touched it Crissy gd, "Oh God - YES!" I took my tongue and lightly pressed it firmly against her tiny hole. We were quiet for a few moments. The child, wearing just a longish tee shirt kept playing on the floor. She was facing away from us, on her belly. The shirt had ridden up, uncovering her ass. Her legs were spread, giving a great view of her puffy little lips. "She sucks a mean cock too." "Ahh, yeah. Uhh, she's a .

I hurriedly tip-toed back to my room before Jeremy could see me and eased the door shut. I leaned back against my door and shivered trying to make sense of what I just witnessed.

Jeremy was fucking mom! I can't believe it! Although given the chance, I would definitely fuck her brains out, too. I released my throbbing member from the confines of my shorts and furiously began to beat off to the mental video of my mom getting fucked by Jeremy. In a matter of seconds, I spewed three loads of my jism onto the floor.

for courses

It was the most intense orgasm I've ever had. Gasping for breath and trembling with lust, I felt drained and a little nervous about what was going to happen when she confronted me about my spying. Twenty minutes later I heard the front door click.

Jeremy must've gone back to his apartment in town. I decided to call it a night. When my head touched the pillow, I fell into a restless slumber with images of my mother's tight ass. I felt someone shaking me out of a deep sleep. It's already pass in the afternoon. Sitting beside me in her short pink nightie was my mom. They looked so inviting and suckable. She caught my glance and covered herself up.

I know you saw me with your brother last night. I want to explain that to you. I know it must've been a shock for you to find your brother in bed with me, and I know you probably have a lot of questions about what you saw. I'll try to answer them as best I can. We had made love maybe once a month, then every few months, then nothing at all. I was actually gonna create an account just to comment here without being anonymous but then I kinda got lazy at creating a username, I've always sucked naming stuff, so I said screw it.

Also, screw the people that just criticized the story for being "over the top", "unrealistic" or about the points of anal and incest even though the latter is made obvoius by the title and category. And don't get me started on the grammar whores that get angry as soon as there is a single word that isn't used correctly. As if that was the top priority of the story or the site!

This was as the author mentioned one of her fetishes that was written for her enjoyment, and by extent those who like it too. It wouldn't be surprising if the author gets aroused while writing and makes a couple of mistakes! This is a simple erotica story, and people seem to expect the quality of a professional novelist! C'mon, people read this to get turned on and probably get an orgasm or two out of it!

It worked wonders for me, up to 3, almost 4 times in a row. I feel like some people just wanna troll because they're so frustrated with their lives that not even a hot story such as this works for them so they just go troll in the comments. Ok, rant over, now onto the story itself. I guess the reasons I loved it so much is because it contains many of the things I like or have a fetish for.

I frecuently fantasize about my younger sister, who I'm madly in love with, something I'm not ashamed of and I don't discard the possibility of it ever happening since we're very close, sometimes even intimate over here where I live incest is still frowned upon socially, but it's legal if it's between consenting adults, so I'm not too concerned about that.

After that, I also have a massage fetish, I just find it so erotic, especially when given by someone close at an intimate place. I also like it when in a story no one seduces or lusts after the other, but just some unexpected stuff happens, and one thing leads to another. Feels more natural that way. Here it does seem like it was a bit of a seduction on Crissy's part, but it didn't feel planned.

The Deal: Her Ass for My Silence

It actually seemed like she barely acknowledged that she wanted it until she settled down in the massage, given her innocent attitude, and then gave herself into those feelings. I also liked how there wasn't the typical discussion between the siblings you find in incest stories about how "This is wrong" or "We can't do this". I'm saying this probably because of the aforementioned love I feel, but I think if two people want the same and they both acknowledge it, who the hell cares about whether they're related or not?!

In fact, you already have a stronger bond with that person and in most cases, have known them all your live, so that's actually extra points. But I'm getting too much into idealistic discussions so back to the story! The slow burn that happens, as well as the bond between protective and caring big brother with innocent and emotionally frail little sister felt sooo good!

Emotions are a huge part of erotica, just writing "My hot sis wanted cock so I fucked her hard, the end" wouldn't be appealing or arousing for a reason. Emotions flowing between the characters, the details of the scene and how it makes the characters feel and what leads them into their next move, the build up of how do they go from the beginning of a brother trying to ease and calm his shocked and insecure sister, slowly warming up with sexual tension and intimacy, leading to the mutual arousal and need of having each other, giving in to their sudden urges and in the end, realizing their true love for one another, it's all what makes it so great.

Just randomly wanting to stick a cock into some pussy or wanting to be filled up with one isn't the appeal. If the hottest random chick in the planet would show up at my house and tell me she's there to bang with me, I'd probably turn her down because she would be a stranger and I wouldn't have any feelings towards her.

It wouldn't be the same as to lay with someone you know, love and deeply care about. The key difference is: Sex doesn't interest me; making love does. Making love isn't about feeling good, but about pleasing the other and trust that they'll please you in return.

And that is what this story got so right. She needed it, he gave it to her, and she gave it back through the feel of her butthole squeezing him. Speaking of which, while anal isn't actually my fetish I still like it, and I like a small, cute and perky body, and I could picture the scene in my mind while I read, and it was amazing. I like to imagine that these stories are actually something that actually happened to someone in the world, and let me tell you: If that was the case, I'd be jealous of that guy, wishing such a moment would happen between me and my sister even though her personality is massively different in comparison.

which proves

So I guess I'm adding it to my fantasies! The only thing I'm missing, and sadly I don't see it too often, is an epilogue. Not really a sequel although I wouldn't complain if there was one but just a time skip a few days or weeks, and seeing how did the events of the story change the siblings' relationship. Becoming secret lovers? Doing some more of these special massages from time to time? I'd be saddened if they just went on with their lives as if nothing ever happened though.

I guess I'll just imagine that they became more that just siblings, without anyone ever finding out. On a side note, I wanna point out that this story actually is fairly old heck I wasn't even legally adult when it originally publishedyet people like myself still come here pun intendedfind this, read it and love it. That certainly deserves some credit. I'll definitely look at other of your creations, if they're half as good as this then I'd be in for a good read. I'm definitely keeping this one in my favorite pages folder though!

PS: I know it was a heck of a huge comment, but I like to be thorough with my comments, and then I get carried away and write full paragraphs all over the place, and I feel like it totally deserves it. I apologize in advance if it was too long a comment.

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Asstr cute ass

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