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I wouldn't have slobbered all over it if I wanted it somewhere with natural lubrication. It seems to have got the natural lubrication flowing. As said, she was well lubricated. But she knew what that was like. Liara yelped as he shoved a second finger in her pussy, double-stuffing her holes, thrusting a couple of times. Then the second finger went in her ass, too, stretching it almost painfully.

He pushed another finger in her pussy, twisting it back and forth, making sure it was coated. Then, that, too, went in her ass. Liara moaned. That hurt, but at the same time, the sensation of being stretched in preparation for that cock was making her hot all over.

It was as if she had been born to be stretched and filled If the rest of her race was any indication, she would never be happier than when she had a nice, hard cock inside her Wrex spat on her ass and forced a fourth finger inside. Then he began to pull to the sides. She whimpered as she felt her hole stretch, cool air flowing inside her. It still hurt a little, but it hurt good.

She arched her back, forcing her ass out against those fingers. Goddess, she couldn't wait for that cock! I like 'em purple. Brings back memories.

And shrieked when he finally pushed his cock inside. Even now, it seemed enormous. It would stretch her far wider than his fingers. Liara buried her face in the mattress, whimpering and trembling, sure that he was going to split her in two. Though the girthy head of his cock yielded a little under the pressure, it remained mostly stiff and firm, spreading her asshole to the absolute limit.

But just as she was about to scream for him to stop, that she couldn't possibly take any more, that he was about to tear her apart, the sensation softened, the taper of Wrex's cock softening as it reached the fattest part of the bulbous head - and continued beyond. Liara sobbed in relief as she felt her tortured hole slowly begin to tighten again, twitching around the slowly thinning, yet still enormous shaft Wrex was forcing into her.

She bit the blanket and shuddered, adrenaline coursing through her body. She had truly begun to fear that he would tear her before he reached the widest part. Now, the hard part was behind her - she giggled shrilly at the thought, ass and cunt twitching as Wrex continued to feed the thinner section of his shaft into her body. He wasn't up to the shaft proper, yet - it was still shrinking; well, rather, the part stretching her very asshole was shrinking, though that only meant the truly thick part of it was going deeper within her body She felt it inside her, a great big thing in her lower belly - not weighing her down, no, Wrex was hard and his cock was jutting out proudly, not sagging even a little, but present.

And - she could scarce believe it - pleasant. Through the wall separating her two holes, she could feel the bloated head of Wrex's cock forcing its way inside her, displacing her flesh around it - and below it lay her cunt.

The massive organ was pressing the rear wall of her pussy into the front, massaging her cunt through the thin membrane separating the two orifices. She was wet.

keepers, losers weepers

Hot trails of her natural lubrication trickled down her thighs - partly because Wrex's cock was squeezing the fluid from her body, but only partly. It wouldn't have happened if Liara had nothing to squeeze out. But she was wet. Her dark blue pussy was puffy and spread, yearning to be filled the way her asshole was being filled.

Liara grit her teeth and groaned, a guttural deep down in her throat. At times she hated her race, hated their reputation as the sex fiends and nymphos of the galaxy - but it was not undeserved. Not undeserved at all when a mild-mannered archaeologist - or even former mild-mannered archaeologist - could kneel on an unfamiliar bedroom floor and beg to have her ass filled with krogan cock.

Asari could merge their minds with a partner during sex. This ability mixed the Prothean ability to read genetics in an unexpected way to give them a new power. Whenever an asari had sex with another race, if they should climax at the same time the non-asari partner would become an asari! Related searches asari mass effect tied japanese peebee blue star skyrim forced argonian liara t soni mass effect asari masseffect asari orgy mass effect liara tsoni mass effect liara asari masseffect askari liara asari cosplay mass effict asiri sfm huge pregnant mass effect andromeda asari liara intense female orgasm compilation met whore at. Watch Mass Effect Asari porn videos for free, here on Discover the growing collection of high quality Most Relevant XXX movies and clips. No other sex tube is more popular and features more Mass Effect Asari scenes than Pornhub! Browse through our impressive selection of porn videos in HD quality on any device you own.

She was asari. Begging for cock came, as it were, natural. He sounded smug, and Liara couldn't hate him for it.

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Oh, goddess, it's It's so big. Liara went stiff, her eyes bulging as if the cock in her ass was pushing them from the inside. The head of Wrex's cock lay buried inside her, its full length, its full girth, disappeared inside her body.

It was stretching her. Her insides, her organs shifting inside her to make room, and yet not leaving enough of it - there was a tension in her body, not just the hole he had penetrated, not just the depths of her body, but in her lower belly.

Shepard halted in front of the two lines, inspecting them carefully from a short distance away. There were ten women in all, five in front and five behind. Most of them lowered their heads in deference, although one of the slaves in the back, an asari maiden with a soft, pretty face and freckled cheeks, held her gaze for a moment too long. Commander Shepard learns of Liara's not so little secret. Peebee bets her friends they'll climax in 5 minutes. Asari Matriarch buys human pet, spends night breaking him in. In a broken galaxy, a young woman searches for answers. and other exciting erotic at! Dec 22, Chapter 0 - Asari Anal Assault. I was actually supposed to be writing a completely different Mass Effect story, but I saw a prompt I liked and got distracted. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy the porn. her teeth and groaned, a guttural deep down in her throat. At times she hated her race, hated their reputation as the sex fiends and nymphos.

She slowly pulled her right hand from the bed she was clinging to, supporting herself with one trembling arm as she ran that hand down her body, across her ribs and belly - Her full, swollen belly, noticeably distorted by the head of Wrex's cock inside her, leaving an oblong mound that faded out as it reached her navel. The ridged shaft, though thin in comparison, slipped several inches into her body - as did the head.

The bulge jumped under her palm, easily reaching past her navel and halfway up to her sternum. Liara whimpered, right hand flying back to the bed, fisting in the blankets as she struggled to keep her body steady. Not just her cunt, now - he was reaching up past her womb, pressing its walls together, his girth pressuring the entirety of her feminine sex.

Never before had she had anything close to this big inside her. And Wrex still hadn't bottomed out. You're gonna have to tell me if you want more. Fuck my ass! Fuck it until you're balls deep and don't stop until your quad runs dry! Do you hear me? After a few terse words with Ashley, a batarian in off-white silken robes was allowed to enter and approach her throne.

He bowed low, keeping a respectable distance, especially with the threat of Ashley standing slightly behind and to the right. If it pleases you, I'll have the slaves brought in for your inspection immediately. Shepard nodded her head. I'll give you the usual price for any of the girls I choose.

Although Shepard detested his lack of subtlety, she knew the slaver's next stop would be Tuchanka. Any slaves who made it that far would undoubtedly be worse off than if she purchased them. I promise you won't be disappointed in the selection.

Mass Effect: Andromeda - Intense Sex with Peebee (Asari Melding)

Each of them wore a long, flowing skirt with waist-high slits running up the sides, and light chains were threaded through the metal cuffs around their wrists. She didn't like her women bound or restrained when she was first testing them out. Once she had purchased them, it was a different matter, but that was only after they were officially her property and she knew they would enjoy themselves. As Shepard left her throne, she caught a glimpse of Tevos placing a kiss at the base of Aria's throat.

Just remember, we're not bringing anyone back home with us. She sat in a comfortable chair and crossed her legs, picking daintily at the food around her and settling in to watch the show. Shepard halted in front of the two lines, inspecting them carefully from a short distance away. There were ten women in all, five in front and five behind. Most of them lowered their heads in deference, although one of the slaves in the back, an asari maiden with a soft, pretty face and freckled cheeks, held her gaze for a moment too long.

Shepard's eyes lingered on her for a while before she recaptured her focus. Aria stood a few paces back, arms folded over her chest. Satisfied with Aria's answer, Shepard turned back to the slaves. Many of them seemed surprised that she was addressing them directly, but she ignored the startled looks. If you wish, you may leave the room now and be assigned to work somewhere in the palace.

However, if you choose to stay, you will be given a precious opportunity. If you impress me enough, I might select you for my royal harem. Your only duty will to be serve me when I call on you.

Otherwise, you may spend your time any way you please, and you will be given anything you desire. She paused, waiting for any objections, but none came. A smile spread across her face, and she couldn't help feeling relieved that the shy maiden in the back row hadn't spoken up.

Consider this your audition. As she inspected the slave, Shepard's touch was clinical rather than seductive, testing the give and texture of her flesh. She carefully checked the woman's hair, teeth, and nails before unhooking her skirt with a quick flick of her fingers and letting it fall to the floor.

Urging the slave's thighs to part, she slid one hand between her legs, peeling apart her bare lips to reveal pink inner folds. Satisfied with what she found, she moved on to the next slave in line, a turian this time, and repeated the process. Aside from having much sharper teeth than the human and an exoskeleton instead of warm skin, the process was similar. It took Shepard slightly longer to examine her, since the turian had protective plating between her legs, but she knew from experience exactly where to touch.

She made a pleased noise when the turian responded, plates retracting to reveal her soft inner parts. Shepard even slid inside of this one, testing her tightness and curling her fingers slightly before pulling out and moving on.

As she continued working her way through the women, Shepard wasn't always pleased with what she found. She sent the next two human women and a second turian away before moving to the back and stopping in front of an asari with beautiful dark markings dotting her cheeks. Shepard took her time, cupping her hands over the asari's breasts and smirking when she felt the beautiful slave's nipples harden against her palms. I'll make sure to give you a turn at some point.

Shepard looked down the line at the last four slaves waiting for her inspection. They were all asari like the one previous. Of the next three, Shepard dismissed two and accepted one, mostly because she thought Tevos and Aria would enjoy playing with her.

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Then, she finally focused her attention on the blushing maiden. She exposed this asari like all the others, admiring the tempting flare of her hips. Her taut stomach had just a bit of womanly curve to it, and Shepard was pleased to see that her adorable freckles extended all the way down to her full breasts. While she hadn't been exactly disinterested or completely unaffected as she inspected the other women, this one really made her cock stand at attention.

There was an innocent quality about her that Shepard found appealing, and this was the only one who trembled uncontrollably under her hands.

Her directions were followed with a little squeak of embarrassment.

journey thousand

Shepard found the sound rather endearing, but when she cupped her hand over the pretty slave's azure, she didn't find any wetness. That alone should have been enough to dismiss the frightened-looking asari, but instead, Shepard found herself saying, "I'll try this one as well. As the rejected slaves were led out of the throne room and the five potential royal harem slaves were situated on the lush pillows covering the floor, Aria approached from behind her.

She's pretty, I'll grant you that, but I could spot her innocence from my palace. I thought you liked your women more experienced? Aria shook her head, but didn't offer any more unwelcome opinions. I'm getting impatient. You're welcome to try her out first and let me know if she's worth my time.

I know you'll probably prefer the darker one, but I've got dibs on her. Maybe you can have her for tonight, though, if she performs well enough. Aria nodded in agreement, accepting hers terms. Unlike the first, she had lighter markings on her face, and her skin tone was a bright, royal blue, not unlike Tevos. She was obviously already trained as a slave, because she dropped to her knees on instinct, and did not look intimidated or afraid as Aria stopped in front of her.

Shepard glanced back at Tevos, smirking slightly. Tevos shot Shepard a coy look back, verging on seductive. Shepard followed her gaze, snorting in amusement as they both watched Aria ease the thick shaft of her cock through the front of her pants.

Obviously, things like taking the time to undress were beneath the Queen of Omega when there was easy sex to be had. Ignoring her for the moment, Shepard left her own flowing trousers in-tact as well, not bothering to adjust the considerable bulge at the front.

Asari anal sex

That would be the job of whichever slave she selected. Once again, her attention returned to the shy asari she had sampled last, and her shaft twitched with want. However, the poor thing still looked slightly terrified, and Shepard was no monster. She decided to sample a few of the other girls first and show the true object of her interest that no harm would come to her. Shepard gestured to the auburn-haired human she had chosen first.

The woman knelt obediently. For a moment, Shepard considered testing the slave's mouth, but then she caught sight of the turian she had also selected. Now, there was a slave she was truly intrigued by, although not as much as the shy maiden who was still shifting uncomfortably on the sidelines.

The turian hurried to obey, but when she reached Shepard and made to drop to her knees, Shepard stopped her. Instead, she reached out, raking her nails along the turian's crest and enjoying the way she trilled. This one had been fairly responsive before, and Shepard decided to test her further. But while she did, she thought she deserved some pleasure as well. The woman obeyed immediately, hurrying to open the front of her pants.

Shepard let out a low sigh as the slave's warm fist curled around the base of her shaft, providing her with some much-needed pressure. Meanwhile, she turned her attention to the turian, running her hand along the lithe, slender body, pressing between the edges of plates and caressing her waist. She knew from experience where turians liked to be touched. When her hand drifted lower, she was pleased to find that the slave's protective plating had already retracted, giving her easy access to the soft, wet folds underneath.

That was one trouble with turians. The unwilling ones would clamp shut unless you knew how to pry the plates apart, or in her case, how to seduce them into opening up on their own. She curled two of her fingers back inside, enjoying the tight, clinging muscle enveloping them. This slave definitely merited further study. The gesture earned her a muffled moan and a few feather-light flicks over her sensitive head.

Shepard couldn't help but look over at where the shy asari was standing as close to the edge of the room as possible. She was looking down at the ground, trying not to pay attention to what was going on around her. Shepard was disappointed, but she couldn't deny the pull in her cock that came just from looking at the beautiful maiden.

She needed to fuck before she embarrassed herself. The human slave quickly got out of the way as the turian stretched out on the nearest cushion and spread her legs without being asked. Shepard shed her pants, tossing them thoughtlessly aside as she dropped to her knees. She settled herself between the slave's thighs, fitting the head of her cock to the turian's opening.

With a slight push forward, Shepard tested her entrance, smiling in approval when the tip met a tide of wetness. She slid all the way inside with one smooth push, pleased when the turian's legs lifted to cradle her hips. The next thrust left her gasping, and a look of surprised pleasure crossed her face. Shepard picked up a slow rhythm with her hips, testing a few different tempos before she settled on the one she wanted.

She was pleased that this slave seemed willing to engage her in conversation, and had almost made the decision to choose her already.

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The flange in her voice wavered, and Shepard felt a swell of pride. Her desires were paramount when she took one of her slaves, but that didn't mean she was indifferent to their pleasure. She knew that the more they enjoyed themselves, the more willing they would be to service her. Commander John Shepard had been transformed into an asari.

How could she do this to him?! WHY would she do it?! His questions startled Liara. She looked a little scared at first but this quickly subsided and she smiled. The transformation takes a lot out of you.

He was hoping to intimidate her but it only made her laugh. The one thing everyone says about you is that you have an incredibly strong will and indomitable spirit. We will want our children to inherit that determination. It will be invaluable as we hunt down and turn the remaining krogan and batarians.

'asari' stories

Admiral Hackett hoped that Shepard would be able to learn a little more about the asari by having Liara on his crew. He ended up learning more than he could have imagined. Thousands of years ago the asari made first contact with their first alien species, the Protheans. The Protheans were a mighty military empire that sought to bring the asari into their fold as a subservient race. Though the asari possessed impressive biotic abilities, they were no match for the might of the Protheans and joined them.

During their time with the Protheans the asari discovered a unique ability of theirs: The ability to reproduce with any gender of any species. The children of such unions were always asari but the asari learned that they could reproduce with the Protheans, the turians, salarians, quarians, whoever.

Asari could merge their minds with a partner during sex. This ability mixed the Prothean ability to read genetics in an unexpected way to give them a new power. Whenever an asari had sex with another race, if they should climax at the same time the non-asari partner would become an asari!

One that became instinctively submissive and subservient to the true asari that turned them. The bodies of these mutated asari instinctively exploited this, using their biotics to transfer some of their life energy into their partner and transform them into an asari.

They would turn their partners into asari who would inherit this ability and pass it on to others. By this point the asari population boomed to the point that they quickly overwhelmed the Prothean Empire. The turians and the rest tried to fight back against the new Asari Empire but it quickly became a losing battle when a new mutation occurred after the asari started mating with the Elcor.

The Elcor use pheromones to convey their emotions. Instead of armed soldiers, all the asari needed to do was march a thousand naked asari onto a battlefield and let the winds carry their pheromones over the enemy. They would all throw down their weapons and succumb to their lust, fucking the asari until they too became one.

Thousands of years later, only the krogan and batarians remained as holdouts. Every other species were now members of the asari race.

The asari were only half telling the truth when they said all others had been wiped out. They still existedjust not in their original forms. The asari class system was born as a way to separate the true asari from the turned. They were created to serve and serve they would for the entirety of their long lifespans. Your day-to-day tasks will be to service our needs but most important of all you will be giving birth to the next generation of asari. Your fierce determination and strong will are going to be valuable assets in helping us continue to conquer the stars.

Any children we send on such a journey will need those traits of yours. He tried to stand up. Humanity will never submit to this! Why just think about it! Your kind lives what, a hundred years on average? Shepard was disgusted by the look she was giving him. He had to fight back!

Even though he just barely managed to get to his feet, he lunged at her. He tried to tackle her but she easily stopped him by grabbing his arms and holding them tightly.

goes must come

That is your name from now on. You are a rare gem and deserve a name reflecting that. She closed her eyes. When she opened them they had gone jet black again. He tried to fight it but it was becoming painful to think. He clenched his fists and tilted his head back, his eyelids fluttering and his eyes rolling back into his head. Eventually he stopped struggling. His body went limp and he hung his head. Liara blinked and her eyes return to normal.

That was her name now. Forgive me! Liara let go of her in time for Crystal to drop to her knees and prostrate herself before her, her ass sticking up in the air and her nose almost touching the ground. I did not yet know my place. This pleased Liara greatly. Liara had to hold back a gleeful squeal upon hearing that. She quickly regained her composure and looked upon her servant coldly.

Liara spread her legs and spread open her pussy. That was where Crystal started. Liara moaned as Crystal ran her tongue up the length of her pussy. All that mattered to her was obeying her Mistress and her pleasure and satisfaction.

little knowledge dangerous

Her new pet was already very skilled at this! The asari slave moaned in delight and almost came herself at the delicious taste. When she was done, Crystal backed away but remained on her knees, folding her hands in her lap submissively and looking up at her Mistress with sheer love and admiration.

the Ides March

Liara smiled and ordered her to stand. She did so and Liara took her hands, looking Crystal all up and down and admiring her body.

And your boobs! Crystal nodded furiously. This body is perfect! Thank you for blessing me with such lovely curves and huge boobs! Crystal wanted to squeeze her tits but Liara beat her too it. Crystal giggled like a little schoolgirl as Liara fondled her. We have a job to do. She positioned herself so she was right below one of the skylight windows in the cabin looking out into space.

She motioned for Crystal to stand next to her and ordered her to look up at the stars. It is the destiny of the asari to rule them all.

Chapter 0 - Asari Anal Assault

Keeping her eyes on the beautiful stars beyond, she nodded. But humanity will learn. Their eyes met. If we can turn them then the rest of humanity will surely follow.

Do you understand? It will be an honor to help! EDI was it?

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