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Skip navigation! Story from Sex. Cory Stieg. If you're curious about anal sex and have never done it before , you probably have two burning questions: Will it feel like I'm pooping? And, is it going to hurt?

The key to enjoyable anal sex and orgasms is the right mix of relaxation and arousal, so do whatever helps get you in the mood.

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Take a hot bath, touch your other erogenous zonesor watch some porn. While some friction is enjoyable, too much can lead to skin tears, also called fissuresin the lining of your anus. These can increase your risk for sexually transmitted and other infections.

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Lube is essential when it comes to anal. It keeps friction to a minimum and helps your backdoor sesh go a lot smoother literally. Silicone lube has a thicker consistency and lasts longer than other types, making it the Cadillac of lubes for anal. Using toys?

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Go for a water-based one instead. Silicone lube can break down silicone toys.

Dec 13, "But if you're not and you do it nice and slowly, it's euphoric. It's different from regular sex because it feels like he's going way deeper. Anal doesn't help me orgasm more easily, though.". Jul 09, When speaking to me, they described anal sex as tighter, more slippery, and more pleasurable. Additionally, they described feeling a sense of . Not what you are expecting, it can be more painful than you anticipate. There are two ways that a woman "feels" anal sex: mentally and physically. How anal sex feels physically. When a woman has anal sex, the sensation is intense. Similar to the feeling of passing a bowel movement after being constipated, it is not a pleasurable feeling at first.

Go figure. Prepping for anal is especially important for newbies.

Jun 02, Anal sex (receiving) is one of the best sexual experiences you can ever have. I know the orgasm I get from just anal feels like it is with my whole body. I think you should start with fingering your own anus while you masturbate working slowly one finger at a time as you open up. - The anus can be an erogenous zone for some people. It feels very different to vaginal sex, there's sometimes more sensation, but yes, as some other posters have illustrated, it does feel like going to the bathroom in a strange way. For me, it is and I can get quite a . Oct 09, In fact, all it takes is scouring for some solid insight from real women on what anal sex feels like: 'It feels a lot like vaginal sex.' "I love it, especially with a larger toy or penis. At.

Here are some other first-timer tips to get you started off right. Anal training refers to gradually stretching your anus in preparation for anal sex.

Anal feel like

You can do this using butt plugs or anal dilators, starting with a small one and working your way up in size. Purchase an anal training kit here. If this makes you uncomfortable, taking a quick rinse before the main event can help put you at ease. Plus, your partner will probably appreciate the gesture.

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A soapy shower or bath is sufficient, but some people like to use an enema before anal sex for a deeper clean. Use a barrier form of protection, such as a condomto reduce the risk of STIs and other infections, including:.

Switching between anal and vaginal sex? Make sure to roll on a new condom in between.

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Alley Blue. I laughed my head off at some of the posts; they seem so unreal, but there all suppose to be true Jadamo Well-Known Member.

What does anal sex feel like for am man?

You know that feeling you get when you take a HUGE shit in reverse? It looks too disgusting and too painful. But from what friends have told me practise with fingers first for definite dude.

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But for a first time Hope that link helps you prepare. ArcanuS Well-Known Member.

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I was raped by two guys that was my first time with male It was verrrryyy painful, but after that You might want to check out this site I think you have to want this kind of sex. I mean you have to want to have someone stick their cock up there.

Anal penetration Before you get to the prostate, though, you make contact with all of the nerve endings in and around the anus. If you're not used to this, it can feel uncomfortable at first. This Author: Adrienne Santos-Longhurst. Mar 27, "Anal sex feels like someone is stimulating every erogenous part of my body. It's like trying to squeeze out the last of your good moisturizer and getting a satisfying squirt perfect enough to. From a "rollercoaster" to "tingling" (okay, and pooping), here are some unfiltered accounts of what anal sex feels Cory Stieg.

I guess because there are a lot of nerve endings at the opening. Cory Stieg.

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If you're curious about anal sex and have never done it beforeyou probably have two burning questions: Will it feel like I'm pooping? And, is it going to hurt?

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The answer to both questions is probably yes, but it's totally valid to wonder what exactly you're in for.

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