Anal and penis count your chickens

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Let us know the results of the prostate exam, I don't think they'll find anything abnormal. Good luck, sorry I couldn't be more of a help.


Guest over a year ago The most common cause of these complaints is an inflammation of the prostate gland, so called prostates. Symptoms that might occur with prostates include frequency of urination, slowing of the urinary stream, burning with voiding or ejaculation, burning in the penile tip unrelated to voiding, sexual dysfunctionaching in the penis, testicles, and discomfort in the lower abdomen, low back, groin, rectum or perineum. The passage of blood at the initiation or termination of urination or in the semen can also be noted.

As with all diseases, only some of the symptoms are manifest in a given individual.

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Guest over a year ago well over the weekend i notice my rectum problem went away. The only problem now is that i had protected sex with my girlfriend today and what i noticed that my semen was a yellow color.

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I don't think it's much to worry about but if you are concerned, you should ask your doctor about it. Does this help? Guest over a year ago Im 24 years old and ive probably had at least 15 kidney stones since I was I will be completely honest, some are extremely painful i couldnt believe a human was capable of feeling that much pain, if i had a gun, i would of shot myself lol.

I currently had a teeny bit of pain in my testicle, knew it was a kidney stone.

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It was huge, cant belive it fit through my penis. It usually flushes them right out.

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Ive done alot of research on kidney stones and they truely dont know what exactly causes them. THey do believe caffiene, chocolate, soda, strawberrys, coffee, liver, peanuts. I know if i stop drinking soda. At work ive been drinking alot of soda. One that cares to have your stone tested.

Anal and penis

IF you have symptoms and have to urinate and dont have a urine screen, try to urinate in a clear glass, once the pain stops you may have passed it. Obviously throw the glass out after you think you've passed the stone. I have most of the symptoms you were talking about and my dr thinks its prostatitis, he gave me norfloxacin to take for 6 weeks, i am on day 5 but still have the burning and burning in my groin etc if you did, what helped for you?

Guest over a year ago In reply to medic-dan on - click to read. Guest over a year ago In reply to Guest on - click to read. I remember for years, she had difficulty going to the bathroom. She would be constipated for weeks at a time. When they removed her rectum and part of her colon, they found toxic, fecal matter built up inside.

If a digestive system is unregulated, it can cause all kinds of havoc. No, I am not a doctor, nor do I claim to know it all. I have researched a lot of health issues, and truly stand by this. You also mentioned that things like colonics are quackery. I do agree that some people are looking to make a quick buck off of poor souls who want so desperately to find a healthy cure.

There ARE many alternative health practitioners who are legitimate though, and who have the best interest of their patients in mind.

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Many herbal remedies have been used for centuries with researched and documented positive effects. If you wish others to be open minded about the joys of anal pleasure, please reciprocate and be open minded about health practices you may not follow. I work for a cancer center and anal sex can burst blood vessels and cause some serious complications!

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A lot of our colon cancer patients are gay men A lot of the women answer yes! It is a great big opening for HIV! Thanks but no thanks Good thing I have one of those DH's that thinks it is absolutely gross to have anal sex! I guess that would count as a medical site. Well, working in a cancer center doesn't automatically make you an expert on cancer risks. A lot depends on your job, training, openness, etc. However, "It is a great big opening for HIV," is true for several reasons.

And if you contract a high-risk strain of HPV anally, that can cause anal cancer, which may be one of the reasons they ask about anal sex.

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But anal sex itself certainly does NOT cause colon cancer. It does not cause impacted feces or whatever else you think. I am so sorry your mother died from colon cancer; that can be a long and excruciatingly painful process for everyone involved. It must have been very hard for you to see this.

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But it is completely irrelevant to the question of whether anal sex is good or bad for you. And whether you feel comfortable with anal is also irrelevant.


The fact is, when done right i. But I'm not going to try to convince you further.

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You're welcome to disagree; certainly plenty of people do. Some doctors, even-medical opinion is obviously influenced by their own personal beliefs. So if you're interested in pursuing this further, you can do the research; there's plenty of it out there.

But in the meantime, please don't give people obviously inaccurate, opinion-driven advice.

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Listen, I never dreamed I would debate with someone about anal sex, nor did I want to have the original poster's thread hijacked. I think we need to agree to disagree about this. As you have stated to me: "please don't give people obviously inaccurate, opinion-driven advice," I am going to say the same to you. You have based your opinions pro anal sex on research and books, as I have based my opinions anti anal sex on research and books.

Somebody working at a cancer center may be a credible source for information, and I don't think it is your right to discredit what they have to say. She wasn't claiming to be an expert. You are the only one that seems to think you know everything there is to know about the topic. For some reason, you have a strong passion for and are very defensive about what goes in and out of the rectum. That is your skeleton in the closet. And the only reason I brought my mother's cancer into the situation is because she did have digestive irregularities.

I was not saying that she got cancer from anal sex, but was merely discrediting what you said about "The whole concept of trapping fecal matter and building up toxic material in your intestines is absolute nonsense.

Also, I don't think it was your place to tell the poster : " whatever's going on now has nothing to do with your previous anal experiences.

I have never read any anal sex instructions as I am so old-fashioned that I would never join body parts that mix creation of life with digestion of food. Thus I may be ignorant to the secret pleasures for a woman.

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What strikes me as obvious, though, is that it is mostly men who like to talk the female into this experience without females being too keen on it. The sensation of E-stim pulsating through a man's cock is one of the deepest sexual pleasures he might experience in his lifetime. The intense erotic throbbing, the pre-cum dripping in anticipation of orgasm and that explosive, final release Electro cock Standard XL.

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Oct 23, I've had anal sex with three men, and their sizes were average (one) to a bit thicker than average (two). It's always been somewhat uncomfortable at first, but once I've had a chance to relax and adjust it's been awesome. I'd love to try anal sex with a larger cock. Mar 17, #Should I get an Rx of the anal suppository you mentioned? It sounds like both anus and penis are caused by same thing, yeast infection. I should get Mycostain RX for the penis and Fungizone RX for anus? Yes. Prescriptions are much better than 5/5. Nov 17, Often referred to simply as anal sex, anal intercourse is sexual activity that involves inserting the penis into the anus. People may engage in anal intercourse.

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